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Monday, February 20, 2017
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Vietnam – Angola Relations

Diplomatic relation establishment: 12th November 1975.
Delegation exchange:
From Angola’s side: President of MPLA A.Neto paid an official and friendly visit to Vietnam in August 1971. In April 1987, President of the People Republic of Angola Dos Santos visited Vietnam. Angolan State Secretary Paulo Jorge visited Vietnam in 1979. Foreign Minister João Bernardo de Miranda paid a visit to Vietnam in May 2004. Chairman of the National Assembly Roberto de Almeida visited Vietnam in October 2004.
From Vietnam’s side: Vice President of the State Council Nguyen Huu Tho visited Angola in October 1978; Vice President of the Ministerial Council General Vo Nguyen Giap in December 1980;  Foreign Minister  Nguyen Manh Cam, in March 1995. State President Tran Duc Luong  paid an official visit to Angola in October 2002.
Vietnam received many Angolan ministerial and vice-ministerial  delegations in the field of agriculture, education, healthcare, fishery, veteran affairs, national defense, security and foreign affairs. The delegations of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the MPLA Party led by their Politburo and Central Members attended the Party Congresses of each other.
Agreements signed: Cooperation Agreement between the  Communist Party of Vietnam and the MPLA-Labor Party (May 1983); Trade Agreement (May 1978); Frame-work Agreement on economic, cultural, scientific and technological cooperation (1979); Special Agreement on Assignment of Vietnamese experts to Angola (8/1984); Renewed Agreements on Assignment of Vietnamese experts to Angola in education  (1995) and health cooperation (1996); Agreement on Agricultural cooperation,  Protocols on the cooperation between the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs (2002), and Fishery Ministries (2004). The two parties have organized three Joint Committee’s meetings.
The two countries are now preparing for the conclusion of the following cooperation agreements: Protocol on Oil and Gas cooperation, Trade Agreement, Frame-work Agreement on Economic, Scientific, Technological and Cultural Cooperation. The two countries are  preparing for the Fourth Joint Committee's  meeting.
According to statistics from the Ministry of Trade, the bilateral trade turn-over in 2006 reached USD 62,418,288, in which Vietnam's export value was USD 60,306,654  (mainly from rice, textile and garment, wooden items and plastic products), and Vietnam’s import value was USD 2,111,634  (mainly from safety glass and livestock's food). Since 1986, Vietnam has sent many experts to Angola. Today, Vietnam has about 300 health and education experts in Angola. The Vietnamese community in Angola numbers more than 2,000 people.
Vietnam established its embassy in Angola in 1976, but then closed the Embassy in 2000 to move to South Africa. The Embassy later was re-established in Luanda in 2002. Angola has delegated their Residential Ambassador in Beijing to be in charge of Vietnam.


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