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Lyndon Johnson’s Involvement in the Vietnam War

The United States got involved in the Vietnam War when their president at that time, John F. Kennedy did not want another country to transform into communism. When President Lyndon Johnson took over. he did not want the Americans to lose the war so he stationed half a million troops in Vietnam. However, it did not take long for his views to change. After a few months, he changed his mind and he did not want additional troops in Saigon.


This made the Vietnamese happy as they thought their strategies were working. Of course, that wouldn’t mean that’s the end of the war. It was just because the President thought they weren’t getting enough domestic support and he may be right. Johnson’s mission in the war was to seek independence for the Southern part of Vietnam. After all, it’s a great city with lots of tourist spots. To accomplish his mission, Johnson used military help and it was a great idea. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans also lost their lives and that did not sit well with the families of those soldiers. Of course, they were helpless as they were forced to sit at home while waiting for the news if their loved ones survived or not. Lyndon Johnson decided to finish the Vietnam war because he was already stuck in it. That’s a great call.

The Vietnam war was actually a big conflict between the North and Southern parts. The North was led by a communist regime while the South was led by a non-communist regime. The Americans took the side of the South and never looked back. It was a big war with lots of casualties. In fact, the effects of the casualties are felt up until this day. Ever since Johnson was a senator via, he didn’t think it would be good if Vietnam became a communist country. If that happens, there would be a domino effect and the other Southeast Asian countries would also become communist. When Johnson thought previous strategies weren’t working, he called for more to happen.

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Yes, airstrikes were his idea and after US navy vessels were attacked, it didn’t take him long to declare war on North Vietnam. Of course, a lot of Americans criticized him for declaring war so quickly. He should have sought the advice of his countrymen before doing something as big as that. It also didn’t take long for the military to drop a huge bomb on North Vietnam. That produced a massive effect and showed the communists that they mean business. Unfortunately, one of Johnson’s biggest problems is that Hanoi had the finances to keep the war going on forever. There was never an Only All Sites end in sight for the Vietnam war but they also ended up battling within them as the political parties were arguing over various issues. As a result, Lyndon Johnson had too many things to take care of. It was indeed a challenging term for him. It was one of the most stressful Presidential terms ever.